A Family Affair

Andy has been turning for 3 years.  His father, a hobby turner, gave him an old lathe and set of chisels for Christmas in 2015.   After trial and error, lots of swearing, and the guidance and help of several Registered Professional Turners, it wasn't long before Andy was smitten by the turning bug.  He Likes to work on large projects, his biggest piece to date is a bathroom basin made from yew (see above).

In September 2016, Ben attended the Yandles Autumn Show with his father.  He had never shown an interest in turning, but had started to experiment with pieces of wood to make gifts for friends and family.  He watched several demonstrations and bought some timber.  

The next day, he asked Andy if he could have a go on the lathe...

...to stop any arguments, one month later, early Christmas presents of new lathes, (the old one was slightly overheating with use), and a set of chisels for Ben were purchased.    

Interestingly, Ben likes to turn smaller, delicate pieces.  Like his father, he is always searching out new techniques and woods to try.  Andy & Ben are members of the AWGB and regularly partake in their training programs.